What are conference calls and why should you use them?

What has long been used by large companies scattered around the world, is now the norm among small and medium-sized companies, educational and training institutions, as well as among friends and families. Conference calls, as they are referred to, have in the past time become the leading way of communication - especially among business people, but also not only. Thanks to them, without leaving your office, room, study or home, you can successfully manage your company, study or train, meet with friends or control the progress of investments. What are conference calls and why should you use them? How to make a teleconference and how to talk to several people on the phone at the same time? See also: https://inlookup.com

How to organize a teleconference?

Conference Call is a service that allows you to have a conversation with several people at the same time via smartphone. Teleconferences are a kind of built-in network function that doesn't require installing additional software (Skype, Google Hangouts, Free Conference Calling or others).

Until recently, activating the group call function involved using a combination of keys. Today, making conference calls is extremely easy. During a conversation, simply select the Add Call option visible on the screen above the red handset used to end the conversation. With a single tap of your finger, you can merge your current calls into one conference call.

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Conference calls - why is it worth it?

What are conference calls and why should I use them? A group call is a practical way to meet with many people at the same time. As we have already mentioned, a teleconference is a comfortable solution when many people scattered around the country or the world are participating. Thanks to conference calls:

  • you save time - you do not waste it on travel or flight,
  • You save money - service activation is free of charge. What is more, you do not have to travel from place to place to meet with your interlocutors, which generates additional costs,
  • At any time you can add a person whose knowledge and experience is needed to solve a given problem.

Teleconferences - what to keep in mind when organizing a conference call?

Whether you are just a participant or the organizer of the teleconference, it is worth remembering the rules that will make the conversation go smoothly. Here are the 3 most important ones:

  • Take care of the right device and check the battery status. Your sudden disappearance may be disapproved of by other participants - especially if it happens during your speech. Therefore, charge your phone before the meeting is even scheduled.
  • Every participant should feel comfortable during such talks. It is therefore worth finding a suitable place. It may be an empty office, a hall, or any room where no one will disturb your conversation. Conducting teleconferences in public places is a bad solution, especially when the subject of the meeting are important and confidential issues concerning the company.
  • For longer conversations, two free hands are useful. Holding a phone to your ear for an hour or two is uncomfortable. That's why it's a good idea to get headphones. You can take notes, flip through documents, or turn the pages of a book during a training session.

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